The Parlor’s FAQ’s


+ Why a salon suite?

  • Complete independence to grow your business.
  • Surround yourself with a curated community of like-minded entrepreneurs in the beauty & wellness world.
  • Provide a luxury experience with a luxury environment and the very best in beauty & wellness.
  • Expand your business in a prestigious location.
  • Share experiences and best practices with other members.
  • Focus on your craft, not the operational tasks associated with a free-standing brick & mortar business.
  • Access a broad range of amenities and services to support you and your business.
  • Achieve greater earnings by retaining 100% of your revenue.
  • Occupy your Suite alone or share with another colleague.

+ How is a Parlor suite different from other co-working spaces?

The Parlor is the only luxury space that supports a diversified and highly curated group of best in class business owners and practitioners in the beauty-wellness industry. In addition to nurturing and building a collaborative community of successful professionals, The Parlor offers an exclusive range of high end amenities for members and their discerning clientele.

+ What size are the suites?

The suites range in size from 112-155 sq ft.

  • A Standard Suite is 112-119 sq feet
  • A Deluxe Suite is 122-136 sq feet
  • An Executive Suite is 137-143 sq feet
  • A Gold Suite is 155 sq feet

+ How much does it cost?

The monthly licensing fee is dependent on size; however, on average, the fee is $925 per week (or about $4,000/month). The fee is determined by multiplying $925 x 52 weeks /12 months.

+ How much do I have to pay to secure a membership?

The requirement to secure membership is first month’s rent plus a security deposit equal to one month’s rent. If you choose to break the lease in less than one year, we will ask that you give us 30 days notice and we will keep the security deposit.

+ Are there hidden costs?

No, there are no hidden costs. Your heat, water, electricity, Wi-Fi and maintenance fees are all included.

+ What are the amenities?

Full-time concierge, on premise washers & dryers, access to your suite 24/7/365, customizable and salon designed lighting, climate controlled temperature, security cameras, elevator and ADA access, utilities including heat, electricity, water, Wi-Fi, building maintenance fees, member lounge with lockers, space for continuing education and networking experiences, in-house healthy food & coffee shop, centralized booking and management software, client events and programming, marketing, PR and social media support.

+ Can I share my suite with another professional?

Yes! One member will be responsible for the lease agreement but you can work with your team, other colleagues and other businesses within your one suite. Every person will be required to go through the application process.

+ Is there a penalty associated with ending the lease early?

If you decide to end your licensing agreement prior to the year-end, you would need to give 30 days notice and you will forfeit your security deposit.

+ Will The Parlor provide additional equipment, i.e. a color processor, heat lamp, steamer, massage beds, or hair dryers?

We provide excellent lighting, styling chairs, a hair washing or hand washing sink, cabinet space and counter space. Members are responsible for any additional equipment needed for their specific business.

+ Is there communal storage?

Yes, there is a member's lounge which is a private space just for the members to have a quiet area outside their suite. There will be storage there for your bags, coats, etc.

+ Are there part time lease options?

No, currently there are not. Please see question above about sharing space.

+ How many members are there?

We will curate a maximum group of 42 members.

+ What if I know someone else who would be a good fit?

Please send them our way! If it’s a good fit, you will both receive $500 off your 2nd month’s rent.

+ How will The Parlor help support my business?

One of the core values of The Parlor is to encourage and support our members' business endeavors which is why we offer many amenities to help you and your clients. In addition, we will feature our members through our social media and PR campaigns. We will also link your website through our website so you may gain exposure. We will be inviting key editors, influencers and opinion leaders to our events as well as forming strategic alliances. The Parlor also supports the cross-pollination of clients between members. Our full time concierge will be well versed in your services and available to assist with questions.

+ Will there be competitors in the same space?

It is possible that other members will provide a similar service; however, we are looking for people with unique offerings and a community and family-oriented view to avoid a competitive workplace.

+ When will membership be decided?

We are currently interviewing potential members for our grand opening. To apply for membership, please fill out the application form:

+ When can I see the space?

We will offer tours in the late Fall, once we are close to completing construction.

+ What do I need to open my business at The Parlor?

You will need proof of your appropriate professional licensure, an Area Renter’s License for the State of NY, and proof of liability insurance.

+ Can I decorate my suite?

Yes, once approved, you can decorate your suite for your brand and business provided nothing is permanently changed.

+ Are there sinks in the space?

Yes, you can choose a hair washing sink or a hand washing sink. There will also be communal hair washing sinks for overflow.

+ How does the concierge help?

Meeting and greeting your clients, taking their coats, offering coffee, showing them to our beautiful common areas. Our concierge will also be highly informed about all our members' offerings so that they are able to recommend your services. Our concierge will also have access to your calendar and will be able to quickly book an appointment for a new client.

+ Does The Parlor help set up my appointments?

We have customized an app that all members will have access to as part of their membership package. In the app, your clients can book, confirm and reschedule appointments so it takes the burden off of you. See question above about how the concierge will help. This is just one of over 30 amazing business features!

+ Can the app be connected to other schedulers?

The app can not be linked to other schedulers. Our app is an amenity that we pay for; however, members don’t have to use it if they don’t want to although we highly suggest it.

+ Will towels be provided?


+ Are there laundry facilities?

Laundry machines will be available free of charge. If you prefer us to wash, dry, fold and deliver laundry to your suite we will provide this service for a fee; however, the founding members will receive this service complimentary for the first year.

+ Are there changing Rooms/Showers?

There are restrooms for changing. Showers will not be provided.

+ Will other members' services be free or discounted?

We cannot require our members to offer other members free or discounted services although we do encourage the sharing of services.