The Parlor is Transforming the Business of Beauty & Wellness in 2019

The Parlor NYC

The Parlor is Transforming the Business of Beauty & Wellness in 2019

Introducing The Parlor NYC


The days of sharing your profits and working for another brand are over. You can now launch your own luxury beauty & wellness business in half the time, with half the effort and a fraction of the financial commitment.

If you’ve ever thought about going out on your own but have not due to worries about finding a space, getting licenses, obtaining insurance, marketing your talents and paying for utilities, staff and more, all while servicing and growing your fabulous clientele, now you can.



Introducing The Parlor, a cutting-edge, luxury space in NoMad, Manhattan with a curated community of premier beauty & wellness experts from all over the world.



All of our beauty & wellness professionals have their own individually designed salon suite, branded specifically for their business. The suites are bespoke, tailored... an impressive reflection of you.

But that’s not all.

Outside of the suites, The Parlor features an upscale atmosphere with a showcase common space for clients overseen by a dedicated concierge. You will appreciate The Parlor’s extensive member amenities, as well as marketing, administrative and other support services, making the process of creating and owning a successful beauty & wellness business in New York City effortless.