The Parlor - Our Mission & Values

The Parlor’s Mission

The Parlor’s Mission


Is to revolutionize the workspace for beauty & wellness industry leaders and to transform their clients’ salon experience by creating an artfully designed, cutting-edge, luxury space and a diverse professional community whose goals are to enhance beauty and wellness for the whole body and mind.


The Parlor’s Values

The Parlor’s Values

Community. freedom. Hard work. beauty. wellness. artistry.



Community is at the center of everything we do: Bringing together a diverse group of beauty experts and artists at the top of their game and providing a space to socialize, share talent, and exchange ideas drives the mission behind our space.

Come make a home for your business among an exclusive group of like-minded professionals, where you know you’ll be surrounded by new inspiration every single day.

The Parlor Values: Community

The Parlor Values: Freedom


To go it on your own in the beauty and wellness industry you’ve got to have an impossible-to-ignore vision and the drive to match. At The Parlor, we give you the space you need to be truly independent: luxury salon suites where you can customize the experience you provide your clients and build your business the way you know best.




Behind every entrepreneur is a die-hard work ethic. At The Parlor, we’re every bit as dedicated to your success. Like you, we are passionate and disciplined about the service we offer and the beautiful space that we provide. Let us work hard for you by handling the details so you can focus on doing what you do best.

The Parlor Values: Hard Work

The Parlor Values: Beauty


There is so much more to beauty than meets the eye. In the act of giving beauty, we add vibrancy and vitality to people’s lives. That’s why we’re drawn to the business. It feels good to help others feel good.

At The Parlor, we celebrate all the many aspects of beauty, and all the ways our members represent the full spectrum of what beauty can look and feel like.




We believe wellness is more than a trend or niche. It is a source of lasting beauty. That’s why it’s infused into all we do—from the services we offer and the products we use, to our beautiful, sanctuary-like space designed for you to relax and restore your radiance far from the constant noise of the city.

The Parlor Values: Wellness

The Parlor Values: Artistry


What you do is truly a craft. That’s why, whether it’s the details in the design, or bringing you the latest tools, trends and technology through on-site seminars and workshops, we’re dedicated to creating an environment that helps you grow, and inspires you to do your best work.



Join us in changing the the way beauty & wellness professionals work, share and create.

Christi Scofield