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Why a Retail Real Estate Disruptor Wants to Transform the Beauty & Wellness Business

Meet The Parlor’s Founder:


Pam Wolf is a serial entrepreneur and retail real estate expert with an impressive track record of building three successful New York-based businesses and a notable portfolio of real estate.

In 2001 Pam founded the NY Kids Club, a children’s private enrichment and preschool with 18 locations in NYC, the first in Chicago and 80 franchised in China. As CEO, she disrupted the children’s education market by combining enrichment classes, preschool, camps and events in one convenient location, predominantly in ground floor class A real estate.

Pam sold the NY Kids Club in 2016 to a prominent private equity firm and now chairs the board. She leads all real estate acquisition, with over 50 lease negotiations to her credit. Beyond NY Kids Club, Pam founded a prestigious pharmaceutical recruitment agency, representing top firms and clients. Prior to the agency, she founded and operated two antique and collectible fairs in Soho and on the Upper East Side.

Pam resides in Manhattan with her husband and four children.

Why The Parlor:

Pam has a keen interest in the beauty & wellness industry. She recognized that there is a fast-growing trend of beauty practitioners moving from traditional salons to their own rental suites. She understands how this move allows them to run their own businesses but avoid the hassle of dealing with operational matters such as real estate, maintenance and office staffing. Pam saw an opportunity to use her retail real estate and entrepreneurial skills to take the business model to a whole new level with The Parlor.

“Existing salon suites tend to focus on hair care alone and there is not much of a vetting process to find truly talented individuals,” Wolf says. “I see an opportunity for The Parlor to bring a diverse group of beauty & wellness experts together under one roof and to create a collaborative and exclusive luxury atmosphere where the best-of-the-best can network, socialize, and build their businesses.”

Wolf continues, “With one phone call or login a busy New Yorker can schedule appointments with a variety of premier beauty and wellness professionals.” Pam is curating membership so that The Parlor will offer diverse and cutting edge services such as integrative medicine, stem cell injections for beauty, recovery bio-hacking, cryotherapy and cryo facials, compression therapy, makeup artistry, permanent makeup, nutritional coaching, IV therapy, body work, psychology, life coaching and, of course, traditional beauty services like hair, nails and lashes.

The Parlor’s application process is designed to create a community of talented, like-minded professionals who are best-in-class in their beauty & wellness fields. “But even the best-of-the-best might be experts in their craft yet not have the skillset needed to go out on their own. I have spent a significant amount of time mentoring entrepreneurs and it is something I am very passionate about. I have designed The Parlor to help members every step of the way as they make the transition from employee to successful business owner,” Wolf concludes.

Pam’s goal is for The Parlor to be an intentional community where each of its member practitioners has their own private suite to serve their customers and enjoys a luxury communal space where they can socialize and collaborate with other members and their clients.

One of her favorite aspects of The Parlor space is a special mezzanine floor that will feature cutting-edge beauty & wellness products, plus an area for classes and seminars for members as well as their clients.

Pam has developed an extensive list of amenities for The Parlor’s members but unlike other salon suite spaces, she is offering members access to scheduled office hours for business mentoring, from sales to strategy to social marketing and website optimization to help each of her members build and grow their businesses.

Christi Scofield